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Arrogant Alarmism

A well-meaning arrogance dominates, drives, and defines the modern Puma Low Baylee 2009 political left. Throughout the West liberals consistently advocate for policies that leave government, generally unelected experts and commissions, with more power and average citizens, entrepreneurs and families with fewer choices and less freedom. Europe is quite a bit closer to the consequences of such policymaking, but the Obama Administration is working hard to make up for the time lost by our country in going down that same path of soft socialism.



Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that many puma shoes choices are best left up to the individual, and to individuals working collectively through free-market based economic systems. Government, no matter who it is run by or how big it may be, cannot determine the specific needs of every individual and develop a targeted solution for every individual’s private problem. This is not to say that government should not limit choices in some areas. Moral issues are matters of absolute right and wrong, and failure to enforce a prohibition on making choices that violate morality is an open invitation to anarchy, and freedom cannot function whenever every man is a law unto himself.



Radical environmentalism, and the alarmist rhetoric and cheap puma shoes shoddy science resulting from it, provide an excellent case-study on the arrogance of liberalism. As the oil continues to spew at a rate of about 210,000 gallons per day out of the broken BP/Deepwater Horizon deep-sea oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the left is up in arms over the extent of the damage being done to the environment of the Gulf and the southern coastal states. There is significant immediate and mid-term damage being done as the oil washes up on the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama, and drifts out on the currents threatening the coastal beaches of Florida.

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